Protecting Our Environment
Since 1994

JESCO provides infrastructure and environmental fields with consulting, management, and engineering expertise through an interdisciplinary approach.



End-to-end environmental services to meet evolving needs


Innovative solutions designed by experienced specialists


Technology that transforms geographic data into action


Navigate complex challenges with expert project managers


Field-tested disaster response and emergency planning


Site Assessment | Field Services | Tank Management

JESCO understands that our community’s quality of life depends on safe access to clean natural resources. JESCO approaches each project as stewards of our environment.

The JESCO team is motivated to conduct research, develop alternatives, and provide innovative environmental solutions that achieves our clients’ goals. JESCO is committed to produce quality results to the highest industry standards.


Flood Protection | Coastal Restoration | Environmental Research

Safe infrastructure drives growth, fuels prosperity and serves as a lifeline for communities by providing reliable access to clean resources and protection from dangerous environmental hazards.

JESCO helps build these community lifelines by providing our partners with essential engineering services and powerful technology. For over three decades, we have continued to find innovative solutions for society’s most challenging problems.


GIS Development | Data Management | Mapping Solutions

One of the most difficult, but critical, aspects of effective project leadership is properly managing geotechnical data. Without the right technology in place, project managers often struggle with properly collecting, verifying, analyzing, and utilizing their data.

Fortunately, JESCO specializes in the design, development, and implementation of powerful Geographical Information Systems (GIS) that reduce administrative workloads and provide leaders with actionable data-driven insights.


Planning Support | Cost Estimating | Scheduling

In our industry, every new project has the potential to present unique problems.
When failure can put workers at risk and endanger environments, project managers cannot afford to make mistakes when addressing new challenges.

For this reason, many leaders turn to JESCO to lean on our decades of cross-industry experience and technical expertise. Whether it’s an issue in the field or a puzzling regulatory concern, our project management team has the answers.


Emergency Management | Remediation Services | Response Planning

For many coastal communities, natural disasters are a frightening, destructive, and unfortunate reality. For JESCO, these emergencies are our call to action—a chance to use our resources to protect the public, prevent destruction and rebuild our community.

With three decades of experience to guide the JESCO team, our disaster response services have been tested and proven through some of the most challenging natural disasters, including hurricanes Michael, Maria, Katrina, Rita, and Harvey and wildfires including the Camp/Paradise, Carr, and Thomas Fires in California.

JESCO’s USACE and NAVFAC Experience (Military and Civil)

 Who We Serve

JESCO is a federally-certified 8(A), woman-owned, and small-disadvantaged business that serves the infrastructure and environmental fields by providing specialized consulting, project management, and engineering services. For over 28 years, JESCO has completed hundreds of projects for federal, state, local, non-profit, and private enterprise clients across the Gulf South and much of America’s coastlands.