Reliable project management services informed by real-world experience.

In our industry, every new project has the potential to present unique and confusing problems. Oftentimes, it can be difficult for project managers to successfully navigate new environmental challenges or infrastructure issues that they have never before experienced. This issue is further compounded by the risks associated with project management failure: massive losses, increased liability and compromised safety.

For this reason, many enterprise leaders turn to JESCO when faced with difficulties. These leaders know that they can lean on our decades of multidisciplinary experience and technical expertise to ensure their projects are successfully managed to completion. Whether it is an issue in the field or a challenging regulatory concern, our project management team has the know-how to develop ad-hoc solutions and flexible approaches.

While our project managers are capable of addressing a variety of challenges, we are also often called on when project owners wish to maximize profitability or secure the best possible outcomes. When it comes to improving the bottom line, experience guides success.

Project Management Services

  • Environmental project management
  • Resource sampling & consulting
  • Site inspection & supervision
  • Data collection & project reporting
  • Crisis response planning
  • GIS data management
  • Leadership guidance
  • Technical field support
  • Operational field support
  • Natural resource assessment
  • Risk evaluation & corrective action planning (RECAP)
  • Systems installation & maintenance
  • Master planning