Rapid disaster response and emergency preparedness planning.

Our service is based on our belief that the speed at which we respond to a disaster must be matched only by conscientious attention to employee and public safety and environmental integrity. JESCO is prepared for these emergencies with highly qualified FEMA trained staff.

It’s never easy, but our disaster response team would never hesitate to answer the call.

Specialized Response

Within twenty-four hours after Hurricanes Rita and Ike devastated Louisiana’s coastal communities, JESCO responded to calls for help with comprehensive support. Despite countless issues with blocked transportation, disrupted communications, and equipment shortages, our disaster response team overcame every obstacle to quickly reach vital support locations and provide immediate responses.

When faced with complex challenges, as is common with specialized disaster response, a flexible approach to problem solving can only be achieved by an experienced crew. When lines are down and roads are closed, it takes years of disaster response experience to know exactly where to go and how best to serve those in need. It’s this experience that has made JESCO a valued service provider during crisis situations.

JESCO is committed to providing the best-trained, most qualified staff available. Our project managers, technical personnel, quality assurance inspectors, and industrial equipment are accessible for disaster response services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Response Services

  • Program and Project Management
  • FEMA Emergency Support Function 3 
  • FEMA Infrastructure Systems – Recovery Support Systems
  • Federal, State and Local Agency Coordination
  • Quality Assurance / Subject Matter Experts
    • Environmental Sampling and Compliance Monitoring
    • Debris clearance and removal – Automated Debris Management System
    • Temporary Roofing Monitoring 
    • Infrastructure Assessment and Repair Design 
    • Construction Monitoring

Response Planning and Guidance

With more than three decades of experience in disaster response, it is our firm belief that the most effective solutions require careful planning and rapid execution by professionals who have both regulatory knowledge and field experience. Without a comprehensive emergency plan in place and experienced team leaders to see it through, even the most capable response teams will struggle to effectively mobilize their support.

The JESCO disaster response team has both the knowledge and experience needed to create effective response plans as well as the leadership and foresight to put these plans into action.

JESCO leaders are available year-round to help organizations build out comprehensive disaster response plans and emergency relief strategies. Should it ever come time to use these plans, our experienced disaster response leaders can help facilitate the proper execution and management of all emergency response services.

Funding Procurement and Assistance

Natural disasters leave state, county, and municipal governments in urgent need of funding and other resources to repair and rebuild their communities. Fortunately, JESCO offers services to help leaders evaluate community needs and procure adequate funding through grant writing.

We have proven our application preparation and grant writing skills through helping affected clients win multiple Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) as well as FEMA Public Assistance grants.