Flood Protection

Projects: Multiple projects over the past 8 years furnishing technical turfgrass support and research to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District for the New Orleans and vicinity hurricane protection systems

Locations: Orleans Parish, St. Bernard Parish, Plaquemines Parish, Jefferson Parish, St. Charles Parish

Project Features

  • Specifications Preparation
  • Turfgrass Contractor Submittal Review (Turfgrass Establishment Plans, Irrigation Plans, Value Engineer Proposals, etc.)
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Quality Assurance
  • Site Visits
  • Research
  • Soil Sampling
  • Borrow Pit Material Salinity Sampling and Delineation
  • Levee Irrigation
  • Salinity Management
  • Recommendations
    • Pesticide and Herbicide Recommendations
    • Turfgrass Establishment Recommendations
    • Soil Amendment Recommendations


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For nearly 10 years, JESCO has provided the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District (CEMVN) with vegetation management technical support and research services for the New Orleans Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System (HSDRRS), the Mississippi River & Tributaries (MR&T), and New Orleans to Venice (NOV) levees, over 300 miles of levee embankments.

Performed over multiple CEMVN task orders, JESCO and the Louisiana State University (LSU) AgCenter and School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences (SPESS) have conducted the following research studies in support of CEMVN turfgrass establishment and management specifications development and modification:

  • Erosion Control Product Evaluation During Grass Establishment
  • Grass Establishment and Sustainability on Marginal Soils
  • Grass Establishment Methods for Levee Surfaces
  • Transition of Temporary Cover to a Perennial C4 Grass
  • Sediment and Nutrient Losses in Surface Runoff during Bermudagrass Establishment on Levee Embankments
  • Improvement of Specifications and Processes to Provide for Turf Establishment on Levees in Plaquemine Parish
  • Greenhouse Dredged Material and Low Salinity Soil Capping Test for Turf Establishment on Levees in Plaquemine Parish
  • Greenhouse Salinity Management Product Testing for Turf Establishment on Levees
  • Saline Soil Bioassay

Other, CEMVN tasked, JESCO and LSU research and pilot projects supporting vegetation management of the New Orleans HSDRRS and MRT Levees:

  • Salinity and Sodium Testing at Government and Contractor Furnished Borrow Material Areas, for Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System and Mississippi River & Tributaries MR&T Levees
  • Documentation and Analysis of Tree Root Extent and Behavior Along and In Levees and Floodwalls in the New Orleans District
  • Pilot Test of Expanded Shale, Clay, and Slate Light-Weight Aggregate (ESCS-LWA) for Vegetation Establishment on Salt-Affected
  • Travelling Gun Irrigation System Design, Installation, and Demonstration – WBV 71

Technical Soil & Vegetation Support

Over multiple consecutive CEMVN task orders spanning nearly 10 years, JESCO has been tasked with providing technical support to the CEMVN for the New Orleans Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System (HSDRRS), the Mississippi River & Tributaries (MR&T), and New Orleans to Venice (NOV) levees.

The following turfgrass technical support services are furnished to the CEMVN:

  • Pre-turf establishment site inspections and soil and water sampling
  • Turfgrass establishment phase and post-establishment phase site inspections
  • Review of construction contractors’ Turf Establishment and Irrigation Plan submittals ensuring compliance with contact Scope of Work and specifications documents
  • Soil and water sampling and data interpretation/recommendations
  • Compost testing
  • Irrigation water testing and data interpretation
  • Specifications adjustments/recommendations addressing site specific conditions
  • Overseeing turf establishment operations and implemented by construction contractors
  • HPTRM sod establishment implementation planning and logistics support
  • Agronomic recommendations (fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, soil amendments)
  • Turfgrass repair recommendations and repair contractor scope of work development
  • Daily and weekly project status reporting
  • Site inspections
  • Attendance of site meetings with USACE, contractor, and/or local non-federal project sponsors representatives
  • Attendance of USACE project meetings
  • Technical support for preparation and implementation of Operations & Maintenance Manuals and guidelines for vegetation management by federal (USACE) and non-federal sponsors

JESCO provided technical assistance specific to the agronomy and turf establishment aspects of High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) pilot tests and implementation planning. Such assistance included the development and modification of specifications, response and recommendations to technical questions, review and evaluation of technical data and reports, and provision of Best Management Practice suggestions turfgrass establishment on HPTRM.

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