Flood Protection & Coastal Restoration

For nearly 10 years, JESCO has provided the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District (CEMVN) with on-going vegetation management technical support and research services for the New Orleans Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System (HSDRRS), the Mississippi River & Tributaries (MR&T), and New Orleans to Venice (NOV) levees, over 300 miles of levee embankments. JESCO primarily provides technical support and research/demonstration services concerning soft armoring/erosion control of levee embankments, which includes turfgrass establishment and fertility, turfgrass maintenance, soil management (preparation, fertility, salinity, and other agronomic parameters), and weed and pest management.

JESCO routinely provides the following soil and vegetation management technical support services:

  • Pre-turf establishment site inspections and soil and water sampling
  • Turfgrass establishment phase and post-establishment phase site inspections
  • Review of construction contractors' Turf Establishment and Irrigation Plan submittals ensuring compliance with contact Scope of Work and specifications documents
  • Soil and water sampling and data interpretation/recommendations
  • Compost testing
  • Irrigation water testing and data interpretation
  • Specifications adjustments/recommendations addressing site specific conditions
  • Overseeing turf establishment operations and implemented by construction contractors
  • HPTRM sod establishment implementation planning and logistics support
  • Agronomic recommendations (fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, soil amendments)
  • Turfgrass repair recommendations and repair contractor scope of work development
  • Daily and weekly project status reporting
  • Site inspections
  • Attendance of site meetings with USACE, contractor, and/or local non-federal project sponsors representatives
  • Attendance of USACE project meetings
  • Technical support for preparation and implementation of Operations & Maintenance Manuals and guidelines for vegetation management by federal (USACE) and non-federal sponsors

Coastal Restoration

Biologically more productive than the Florida Everglades, providing livelihoods and hurricane protection to millions of local residents, furnishing habitat for millions of migratory birds, providing abundant resources for the infrastructure and security of United States’ economy… these invaluable resources, the resources of the Louisiana coast, are at stake. Located in Southern Louisiana, JESCO is committed to contributing to the massive effort required for the protection and restoration of Louisiana’s coast, America’s Wetland, a task of local and national significance.

JESCO provides the following coastal restoration services:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Evaluation
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Coastal Grasses Nursery

Coastal Restoration Grasses

JESCO maintains stocks of coastal grasses to preserve Louisiana State University’s (LSU) varietal selection work and establish foundation stock material for coastal restoration projects. In response to extensive use of a single Smooth Cordgrass variety (Spartina alterniflora cv. Vermillion) and single Sea Oat variety (Uniola paniculata cv. Caminada) for coastal restoration projects, LSU developed six Smooth Cordgrass varieties and three Sea Oat varieties to increase genetic variation in coastal plantings and increase adaptability of restoration plantings to environmental stress (e.g. disease, insect, climate). LSU Smooth Cordgrass cultivars were developed with the following primary characteristics: superior post-transplant recovery and improved seed production and/or germination rates and genetic variation relative to Vermilion. LSU Sea Oat cultivars exhibit one or more of the following characteristics relative to Caminada: genetic diversity; superior vigor; taller height; larger leaves; increased tiller production and spread; greater panicle production; and greater stem density. The fore mentioned attributes of LSU’s cultivated Smooth Cordgrass and Sea Oat varieties increase resistance to erosive forces and reduce susceptibility to environmental stress.

JESCO currently holds an exclusive contract with LSU to maintain breeder stock of the following four Smooth Cordgrass varieties: Cameron, Lafourche, Las Palomas, and St. Bernard. JESCO also maintains non-exclusive breeder stock of Jefferson and Terrebonne varieties. While Vermilion and Caminada remain as the primary commercial varieties of Smooth Cordgrass and Sea Oat, JESCO varieties will be available to growers as foundation material for future restoration projects. LSU exclusively released Sea Oat varieties Lizette, Henderson, and Rosa to JESCO. In addition, JESCO owns unnamed “advanced breeder lines” of sea oats, also developed by LSU, which are maintained for seed harvests and eventual release to growers.

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