Environmental Field Services

We are interested in teaming with other companies as well as providing subcontracting field services to prime contractors.  JESCO owns, operates, and fabricates assessment and construction equipment needed to complete most remediation/environmental projects.

We have the resources to collect samples in remote and challenging terrain whether sample locations are accessible via land, water (including offshore locations), swamp, or marsh.

The following field services are routinely provided with operators and equipment:

  • Water, Soil, & Bottom Sediment Sampling
  • Environmental Sampling/Probing using Direct Push Technology
  • Well Installation, Development, & Sampling
  • Well Slug Testing
  • Well Plug & Abandonment
  • Geotechnical Testing
  • UST/AST Closure/Removal
  • Excavation
  • Remedial System (Dual-phase Extraction) Fabrication & Installation
  • Remedial System (Dual-phase Extraction) Operation & Maintenance
  • Mapping/Layout Services using Survey Grade GPS Equipment
  • Debris Monitoring, Inspecting, & Management

JESCO has the capacity to purchase or rent any specialized equipment necessary for implementation of environmental field services.

Please contact us for more information or to request quotes/services.

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